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Just a short introducion for you to know what this is all about. Virtual breeding is a hobby for mostly young girls and women, starting in the early 2000s. The basic idea is to create fictional dogs, compete with them (agility, obedience etc) and breed them. All of this happens on websites or blogs created by the people who runs the kennels.
Virtual dogs usually have photos of real dogs to give some kind of personal appearance for them. This ofcourse, means we have to ask permission to use the photos on our pages. Copyrights are usually marked under the pictures. The owners of the dogs (in the pics) usually dont hold the copyrights, but I will always get the photos removed if the dog owner hopes for it. In case you found your dog in the pics on our site and want them removed, please send me an email: wrathgu4rd@gmail.com!


Whirlwind järjestää
20.01.2019/20.01.2019 Agility kisasivu MAXI tulokset: kyllä
23.11.2018/24.11.2018 Agility kisasivu MAXI tulokset: kyllä
23.11.2018/24.11.2018 Toko kisasivu kaikki luokat tulokset: kyllä
23.11.2018/24.11.2018 PK-lajit kisasivu PAKK, PAJÄ, PAHA, PASU tulokset: kyllä
23.11.2018/24.11.2018 Paimennus kisasivu perusrata, A-lohko tulokset: kyllä
24.11.2018/25.11.2018 Näyttely kisasivu FCI1 tulokset: kyllä

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